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Welcome to Eye Care For You !  the family friendly local clinic that has been serving Orleans for over 35 years.  Dr Kwasnick first opened her practice after graduation, and has established a comfortable environment with a large patient family, that is now a staple in the community.  Dr Bender took over the practice in 2018, and has brought a new look to the practice you’ve come to know and love.  The space has been expanded, and new equipment has been brought in to better serve their clientele.

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Eye Care For You is a full service vision care provider, accepting new patients and ocular emergencies.  Our doctors take the time to personalize each eye exam, and are reputed to be thorough in their examinations. We accept direct billing from most insurance companies, provide our services in English and in French, and are open Thursday evenings and Saturdays for patient convenience.  We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about the different services we provide, and to find out how to schedule an appointment.

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The team at Eye Care For You.

Bienvenu chez Eye Care For You !  la clinique locale qui sert Orléans depuis plus de 35 ans.  Dr Kwasnick a ouvert sa pratique après la graduation, et a établie un environnement chaleureux, convivial et professionnel dans la communauté, avec une grande famille de patients.  Dr Bender est devenu propriétaire en 2018, et a vite rajouté sa touche personnelle à la clinique.  Des rénovations, avec l’ajout de nouvel équipement, permettra à la clinique de mieux servir ses patients. 

Eye Care For You est un fournisseur complet de soins visuels, acceptant de nouveaux patients et urgences oculaires.  Nos docteurs prennent le temps de personnaliser chaque examen, et sont réputées pour être minutieux dans leurs examens. Nous acceptons le payment direct de la majorité des compagnies d’assurance, fournissons nos services en Français et en Anglais, et sommes ouvert les jeudis soirs, et samedis pour accommoder nos patients.  Nous vous invitons à naviguer sur notre site web pour apprendre davantage sur les services que nous offrons, et pour prendre rendez-vous.  

 Au plaisir de vous voir !

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Revues de nos patients

  • "10 out of 10…Excellent, customer-orientated service; I felt well taken care of from start to finish. Doctor Bender is very thorough and takes the time to explain everything in as much detail as I needed; very personable… and clearly she is passionate about her work, very knowledgeable, and professional. Everything you want in a health care service. Thank you to Doctor Bender and staff. I highly recommend this optometrist business to all."
    M. Baxter, Nov 2021
  • "Brought my son during the pandemic and felt really safe. Dr. Bender used proper hand washing technique before, during and after the procedure. They are all wearing proper masks and eyewear. I saw no cross contamination either. They have the right process in place. Good job!"
    J. Leclair, July 2020
  • "Dr. Bender is AMAZING! She was very thorough with her exam, she is highly competent, and is very passionate about her patients and her work. Best optometrist ever, and I highly recommend her for all your vision needs."
    S. Feshchenko, June 2019
  • "Love my glasses I got. The service was supper friendly and they helped me pick out the frames that suit me. They were able to get my glasses ordered in like 4 days! 10/10 would go to them again."
    B. Billings, July 2020
  • "I was so impressed with everything at the new office, the layout, the technology and, most importantly, the staff and Dr. Bender. It's always enjoyable to visit, but they've made many client-oriented changes and now it's even more fantastic. My first time meeting Alison was spectacular, she's intelligent, professional, knowledgeable, witty and efficient. Dr.Bender is kind, sympathetic, generous, empathetic, a great listener, thorough and incredibly personable."
    S. Biggin, Jan 2020
  • "Had my first appointment this morning. Very friendly staff. Dr. Bender is very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this place"
    L. Casault, Feb 2021
  • "This clinic came recommended by other colleagues! What a great experience. The administrative staff was welcoming. Dr Bender was knowledgeable and personable. The space looks great and is clean. It's great to have this gem of a clinic right here in Orléans!"
    R. Leblanc, January 2019
  • "Amazing care from both staff and Doctors. Please get your eyes checked every year!!! Dr Bender has caught an eye disease that would have taken my sight if left untreated. I see very well and did not know anything was wrong. Only your eye doctor can see what's inside!"
    L. Chenevert, December 2014
  • "Took my daughter here for her first eye appointment few weeks back. We were amazed with the service prodvided and she was comfortable being in the chair. Highly recommend this place."
    Ahmad H, April 2019
  • "First ever glasses. Great service. Thorough examination, was explained everything in detail. Got my new glasses in 1.5 days - perfectly in time before my lengthy trip out of town. What a difference in vision now! Highly recommended."
    Abu, February 2019
  • "Dr Jenna Bender is simply amazing. She is great with kids and is very knowledgeable. Couldn't be more happier to have her as our family optometrist!"
    J. Flowers, October 2018
  • "I'm happy they could help me find a pair of glasses with only the features I needed to keep the costs down. Also, the optometrist explained why I needed glasses in a way that was easy to understand."
    S. Sieklicki, January 2019

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